The first timetabled service trains will be running between Swanage and Corfe Castle to the main line at Wareham – for the first time since the last British Rail trains on 1st January,1972 – on Tuesday, 13th June, 2017.

I am writing to ask if you want to attend the Swanage Railway on this very historic day to cover the story.

There will be four diesel trains from Swanage to Wareham and return on Tuesday, 13th June, 2017, composed of four carriages and with a diesel locomotive at each end.

The single journey between Swanage and Wareham takes around 45 minutes and the distance is ten miles.

The first train will carry Swanage Railway pioneers, early volunteers and those volunteers and staff who have worked so hard – over so many years – to make the return of a passenger train service to Wareham a reality.

The second train will be carrying VIPs – such as council mayors, council leaders, members of the Purbeck Community Rail Partnership, the Coastal Communities Fund as well as other Swanage Railway stakeholders and supporters.

The third and fourth trains will be the first service trains to carry the public from Swanage and Corfe Castle to the main line at Wareham.

The trains depart Swanage (for Wareham) at 10.23am, 12.23pm, 2.23pm and 4.23pm.

The trains depart Wareham (for Swanage) at 11.19am, 1.19pm, 3.19pm and 5.19pm.

You are welcome to travel on the trains for the purposes of filming/taking photographs/undertaking interviews but, as you will appreciate, it is unlikely that you will have a seat.

Interviews with Swanage Railway officials and volunteers will have to take place at Swanage station or on the train.

That is because there will not be time to interview SR train passengers at Wareham station as the SR trains only wait at Wareham for FIVE MINUTES before departing back to Corfe Castle and Swanage.

While the trains only wait at Wareham station for some five minutes before departing for Swanage, they wait at Swanage station platform for 20 minutes before departing for Wareham.

The following Swanage Railway officials will be available for media interview at Swanage station and on the two first trains – the 10.23am and 12.23pm departures from Swanage which will be the 11.19am, 1.19pm trains from Wareham:

Gavin Johns, Swanage Railway Trust chairman, SRT Trustee and volunteer SR signalman.

Trevor Parsons, Swanage Railway Company chairman (the SRC runs the trains) who is also a SR volunteer signalman and guard. Trevor is also a SRT Trustee.

Mark Woolley – heads Project Wareham, is a SRT trustee and a SRC director and has been a SR volunteer since being a teenager in the mid-1980s.

Matt Green – Swanage Railway Company general manager.

The Swanage to Wareham trains will be calling at Harman’s Cross, Corfe Castle and Norden stations.

If required, I will be able to provide you with Swanage Railway archive stills as well as 4:3 graded and telecined archive colour film of both the British Rail trains and the early days of the Swanage Railway.

I can also supply 16:9 high definition video footage from a train cab in 2016 and 2017 of a run from Swanage to Wareham and return – including passing over the SR’s Norden Gates level crossing as well as Network Rail’s Worgret Junction and Wareham station.

If you require parking at Wareham station – to cover the arrival of the trains from Swanage and Corfe Castle – you will need to contact the South West Trains press office to make the appropriate arrangements as parking at the station is limited.