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Mothers’ Day at Monkey World is a great time to reflect on the achievements of the ape rescue centre in Dorset!  Many of the rescued primates were stolen from the wild and taken away from their own mothers when they were very young, but at Monkey World there has been great success in creating adoptive families.  Some are now part of international breeding programs for endangered species and have gone on to become mothers themselves!

Monkey World is home to the European crèche for orphaned orang-utans and as such provides a home for any infants or youngsters that are not cared for by their mothers.  Little Silvestre the Sumatran orang-utan – a very rare and endangered species – arrived at the park last December  for this very reason.  He was orphaned by his natural mother and had to be hand-reared by keepers at Santillana Zoo in Spain.  Now at Monkey World, Silvestre has a new adopted family of orang-utans that includes other orphans from the UK, France and the Russian Federation.  Silvestre has brought out the maternal instincts of adult orang-utan Oshine and they now share her nest at night.  Silvestre will grow up with his adopted family at Monkey World learning all the skills and behaviour that he will need to mature into a well adjusted adult male Sumatran orang-utan.

Monkey World has also given Mikado, the golden-cheeked gibbon, a new mum!  Mikado arrived at the park last summer after being orphaned at just 3 weeks old.  Introductions with adult female Alex have since been very successful – they play and cuddle – and she has recently started leading the little youngster outside.

At only 10 weeks old and having been found alone at the residence of an illegal trader, baby marmoset Solomon was confiscated by the police.  Custody was given to Monkey World and, once at the park, tiny Solomon was taken to the marmoset house to meet his new mum Gabi.  The minute Solomon saw Gabi he launched across the room, latched on to her back, held tight and would not let go. Solomon knew what he wanted, and needed, and that was a mum – and Gabi has been just that ever since!  Solomon also recently gained an adoptive dad in Lenny and father and son are regularly seen playing together.  The family have formed a strong bond and all three sleep together every night, giving Solomon the adoptive family he needed and wanted.

Monkey World has plenty of home grown mums too!  Chimpanzee Bart has a wonderful mother, Susie, as well as a huge family of 19 others to grow up with!  Orang-utan Hsiao-quai is also a brilliant mum to her two sons Kai, 6 years, and Jin, 17 months.

Golden-cheeked gibbons Peanut and Pung Yo were paired together at the park and have been excellent parents to son Tien and daughter Tia nang.  Similarly, Zoey and Jake met at Monkey World and have daughter Kim and new arrival Zak.  Both families are doing great!

The park is also very proud of woolly monkey mothers Yarima and Piquita.  Woolly monkeys are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity, as females are prone to suffer with pre-eclampsia during pregnancy.  However, Yarima is an excellent mother to baby Enzo, as Piquita is to young Ayla.

Monkey World is very proud of all its primate mothers this Mothers’ Day! 

To become an adoptive parent yourself to one of our primates, or for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, adopt online at and support the park where families matter!