Lesser Known Swanage book launch

Leseer Known Swanage

Lesser Known Swanage

Lesser Known Swanage

by Julie Musk

Like exploring? You’ll love this book

Everyone thinks they know their own town … or do they? As the title implies, this book delves into Swanage’s lesser-known side – its people and places, past and present. Rather like having your own personal guide, even David Haysom Honorary Curator of the Swanage Museum comments, ‘I found out about all sorts of new ‘lesser known’ facts by reading this book.’

Quotes from local people give a unique insight, and the exploratory walks are suitable for all ages. The stories, anecdotes, quizzes and imaginative writing style will especially appeal to families and young people. It’s a must-read for anyone who likes to get behind the scenes and see what most people miss.

The book is available from local publisher Roving Press (tel. 01300 321531) and other local outlets, priced £8.99.